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Clay Target Shooting Federation of Serbia was founded in 1997 as an independent federation with the aim to improve and develop shooting in Trap, Double Trap and Skeet events, the Olympic Games sport events from the 1912.
The Federation took upon themselves, for the period of last 10 years, to create the main basis for the affirmation of this sport by constructing up to date shooting sport centre, bearing in mind that, for achieving the top quality results, it is the imperative to have:

As a result of all the efforts taken, Belgrade now boasts of “BG Sports centre Kovilovo”, a multifunctional sport complex on 26 hectares, located only 12 km away from downtown Belgrade.Shooting
This up to date shooting sport centre, in an ideal natural setting, consists of 6 combined shooting ranges for Trap, Double Trap and Skeet. All shooting ranges are strictly oriented to the north, constructed according to the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) standards, and equipped with the latest equipment (Mattarelli machines for clay targets, El Fipa electronic devices and appliances and displays that record results…). This equipment enables the results coverage in “REAL TIME”, so that the results are visible an all monitors and available worldwide through internet at the same moment.  The complex also consists of stands for spectators and competitors, relaxation areas and covered shelters for the competitors' arms and gear. Thanks to the technical equipment, possibilities to prepare for the competition and comfort offered to the shooters, this shooting range has become one of the European official training centers for this sport.
A five star Hotel President (17 rooms and 10 suites) located at the shooting range itself, made it possible for this centre to achieve the “Champion of Tourism 2005” award among  the sport -recreation centers. Hotel PresidentFor the individual shooters –sportsman and teams that would like to stay at Hotel President during the training season 2009  the special rates  will be granted.
Outdoor and indoor courts for volleyball, basketball, football, handball and tennis, shooting ranges and accommodation facilities, together with swimming pool, fitness centre, saunas, gym, relax-massage and Jacuzzi are ideal for the national selections and teams’ preparation for various international competitions.
Numerous international competitions took place at this shooting range, where many top world results were achieved, and the most important amongst them were:

The organization of the following events has been granted to our Federation:

There is also the sporting compact shooting range, specially designed for the training of huntsmen and for recreation. It is also important to know that modern boxes for dogs are available, thus presenting additional advantage for the hunting sport, since there is a number of hunting grounds in the vicinity of “BG Sport Centre Kovilovo”. The important information for sportsmen and hunters is that there is the gear and equipment store at the shooting range, where the most popular ammunition brands, like Baschieri & Pellagri, RC and Fiocchi and other are available at popular prices
Parallel to the development of the capacities that are the basic pre-condition to enable for this sport to develop and become more popular, there is the continuous work in broadening of senior and forming the junior shooting national team. Our Federation’s permanent activity is the School for Shooters. After two seasons, we were able to make the selection and now we have 9 candidates that will continue their studies with an expert from abroad.

A referee course was organized for the first time and now we have 15 referees with international license for Trap, Double Trap and Skeet.

We are fully at your disposal for any further information you may need. Please feel free to contact us but the best way to assure yourself is to visit us. Welcome!!!




• Predrag Šotra

Generalni sekretar/ Secretary General
• Svetlana Stanković-Vujčić

Selektor/National Coach
• Dejan Mihajlović



Anual Constitutional Conference held on 17. February 2009.

Milan Šotra again president of Clay Target Shooting Federation of Serbia

Milan Sotra

New Coach of National Team of Serbia

Dejan Mihajlovic